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Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland 2022

July 12 - July 17

Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland 2022

12 - 17 JULY 2022 @ Kasteel De Berckt
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"We dance for freedom, connection and health, we come together with all dancers and our fantastic crew full of musicians, ceremony leaders, healers and other free spirits"


 ✨ … to connect to yourself, your feet, the earth, your roots,  others and all of existence.

 ✨ … to relax your body and mind, to be yourself, feel your
innermost core and let yourself be moved by the music, the surroundings and all sensations.

 ✨ … to support all of this to happen we will create a place with space for both the inward journey as for outer expression, contact with others and a lot of dance… of course! 

Meet yourself ánd others in the dance. 

Everyone has his and her own approach. At the festival you can bring your uncertainties and fears to the dance floor. Like always with Ecstatic Dance, you create your dance and if you feel you prefer distance, that will be respected by all the other dancers. 

Every time regulations change, people feel things are not clear and they might feel uncertain. This is normal and we just have to find our way.

To support all of this to happen we will create a place with space for both

the inward journey as for outer expression, contact with others and a lot of dance!

The festival consists of a 6 day retreat including dinners, workshops, performances,

live music, yoga, massage, cacao ceremony, special concerts and healing area.

In an intimate setting on a powerful and beautiful location.



The core of the festival program consists of Ecstatic Dance. We’re adding just the right elements to deepen and enhance your event experience. We wish to take you on a journey – your journey, since every Ecstatic Dance will differ from the other. Our aim is to create a magical space for discovering dance-forms, connecting with others in new ways, experiencing healing touch, being part of intimate concerts and having acces to yogaclasses, breathing exercises and meditation. There will also be a grand party night and enough “free” time to take for yourself. FULL LINEUP IS COMING SOON…














✨ Icebath
✨ Sauna
✨ Hottubs


We don’t add the day to day schedule of the festival here because we like to take our visitors on a journey into the unknown. So there is no hand  out with an exact travel plan including locations and highlights. But in general you can say we create a natural flow between going in and outward, being active and in active, between the personal and collective and the old and new.

We do this with: yoga / meditation in the morning, a break including lunch, 1 or 2 Ecstatic dances each day that include a before or after ceremony with sound journey or workshop. Two concerts , singing circles and everyday a moment of sharing in small groups.



See below information regarding most frequently asked questions.

We have tried to provide as much answers as possible.

In case your question is not addressed below… feel free to contact us by email: connect@chocolateclub.world

What is included in my ticket?
All tickets are including festival, activities, stay & food.

It’s 6 days/5 nights at the festival, including great cooking by Chef Conan & including your spot at the Camping.

We will organize 3 healthy and delicious meals a day for you. All food is bio and vegetarian. Our chef shops with the local farmers 🙂

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served as a buffet. On Tuesday, the day of arrival, we will start with a diner. On Sunday, the day of departure, we will close our gathering with a ceremony and a joyful lunch. On other days you will enjoy 3 meals.

There is also our signature bar open during the festival where you can purchase some healthy snacks and drinks. We accept cash & pin payments.

DRINKS – Try our signature Chocolate Elixir! Order freshly squeezed vegetable/fruit juices! Or have a barista Coffee
SNACKS – Don’t miss the famous raw pies from Yvette!
When can I arrive at the location and when do I have to leave?

* You are welcome to set up your tent/caravan at our camping site from 14.00 o’clock on the day of arrival. Camping closes at 17.00 on the day of departure.
* Check-in time at the castle is 14.00. Check-out at the castle on Sunday is 10.00.

I have special dietary requirements. Do you offer special meals?
Of course, we will do our utmost best to offer you healthy and delicious meals according to your needs. Please let us know any special dietary needs per email connect@chocolateclub.world 
Do I need to stay at the camping? Are there any inside rooms available?

Your camping spot is included in your ticket, but you can also (additionally) book a room.in the castle.

Your camping options are:
Tent: bring your own tent and find a beautiful quiet spot in nature
Caravan: bring your cosy home on wheels (electricity spots are limited)
Camper: special camper area for those rolling villa’s

One of the great benefits of our hosting location is that they can offer you rooms in a building on site. Those rooms are not included in your ticket, you have to purchase your stay there at additional cost. Here are your options:

2p Room occupied by 1 person: 275 euro
2p Room shared price per person: 170 euro
4p Room shared price per person: 140 euro
6p Room shared price per person: 100 euro
Rooms in the castle: comfortable beds, private showers and bed linen included.
Send us an email (connect@chcolateclub.world) if you would prefer to reserve a room with your partner or friend(s).
Shared 4 and 6 p rooms are male / female only.
Can I bring my children to the festival?

No, children are not allowed at this festival. The program is tailored to adults and their precious me-time.

Is there anything special I need to bring with me to the festival?
Additionally to your usual travel and festival necesaties, it is good to also bring a yoga mat and pillow for the concerts and meditative moments.
Can I smoke / drink alcohol at the festival?
All our events are toxicity free!

At Chocolate Club events we promote contaigious healthy lifestyle. We focus on our personal well-being and explore together the beatiful divinity in sound, wellness and movement cerenomies and festivities. We are enough, you are already everything you need to be.

* We encourage you to experience our events as low tech as possible. Please leave laptops and phones in your tent/room.

* There is no smoking permitted in the closed inside areas. In case you will find a spot outside to smoke, please make sure others will not experience any inconvience.

* We don’t serve/sell alcoholic beverages, nor do we encourage you to consume any.


Do I need to pay additional fees for the workshops?
No, of course not! All workshops and activities are included in your ticket.
I bought a ticket, but I cannot attend. Can I resell my ticket?
If for any reason you cannot be present at the festival, you may resell your ticket to someone else. In this case, please let us know by email the name of the new person who will attend the event (connect@chocolateclub.world).

We do not refund tickets for personal reasons. You may consider transferring your ticket to another upcoming event. Please contact us by email if you have a specific situation regarding cancellation (connect@chocolateclub.world)

Can I leave the festival earlier or leave the location for a period of time?
Of course. You are free to move as you like. There is no gate or entry supervision.

We do recommend to attend group ceremonies as they are specificaly designed to deliver you a powerfull experience.

If for whatever reason you decide to find accommodation outside the festival location, or prefer to arrive/leave at a more suitable time for you: please note that we cannot give any discount/refund on your ticket.

Are there any weather related activities?
All organised activities and workshops are planned in the indoor areas. Most areas will have large open doors to keep atmosphere as pleasant as possible.
Can I park close to the location?
To make sure your arrival will be comfortable, we have a drop-off zone at the camping site and main building. After you off load your stuff, please park at a designated parking space, it’s 5 minutes walking distance from the location. You can follow the signs on site.
How far away is the camping site from the main festival location?
Our wonderful festival location has 2 camping sites directly adjasant to the main festival building. You may choose where you want to stay at the time of your arrival. First come – First serve 🙂
Can I choose my own camping spot or will I be assigned one?
You can choose your own camping spot at the moment of your arrival. First come – First serve!

Inside rooms will be assigned by location.

If you have any special requirements or needs regarding your overnight location, please contact us by email (connect@chocolateclub.world)

Is there free WIFI connection available?
All our events are toxicity free!

At Chocolate Club events we promote contagious healthy lifestyle. We focus on our personal well-being and we explore together the beautiful divinity in sound, wellness and movement ceremonies and festivities. We are enough, you are already everything you need to be.

* We encourage you to experience our events as low tech as possible. Please leave laptops and phones in your tent/room.

* There is a free WIFI connection available, but it’s not as strong everywhere.

It’s OK to stay in touch with your loved ones, but we insist you will use this time with us to enjoy a meaningful me-time in a tribe of beatiful free spirits and wild flowers.

Can I still buy an Early Bird ticket?
You can, if it’s still available in the webshop!
Tickets are SOLD OUT quickly so make sure you will be on time to secure your spot at the festival!
What is your cancellation policy?
* In case we have to cancel an event due to COVID-19 regulations, you are given the possibility of getting a full refund (100%), or a 95% refund, if this aligns with your circumstances. The remaining 5% will be donated to the Chocolate Club. These donations will gratefully be allocated to support the costs already been made for the event.

* In case of cancellations you will automatically receive an email from our ticket provider Chipta with the above refund options.

How do you comply with COVID-19 regulations? What is important for me to know?

All Chocolate Club events & gatherings follow the official COVID-19 regulations which are applicable at the time of the events. To achieve health safety goal your contribution and responsibility of safekeeping and compliance is of paramount importance.

We take Corona threat and our responsibility seriously. At the same time we believe that our gatherings make health contagious, keep people happy and they are an important contribution to enjoy life, love fully and vibration UP! 

Also good to know, Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland is organized by Salmagundi for our Chocolate Club community. Find out more on www.Salmagundi.eu.

Salmagundi is officially acknowledged as a church community by the Dutch government (the dutch tax office and chamber of commerce). For our gatherings at Kasteel de Berckt we don’t have and don’t require an ‘event license’. According to and following the regulations, we are allowed to come together.

If you do have any health complaints or any other reason to think you are infected, please take your responsibility and do a (self)test before you come. At the gathering we don’t do tests.

We live in uncertain times, and within our community you have a choice whether to practice your life’s philosophy alone or together. We, as an organization, agreed to this gathering and have prepared everything necessary to make it happen (legally). You are welcome to make your own decision, as always.

You will receive an update regarding the regulations a week prior to the gathering if needed. 
How can I get to the location? Do you organize carpooling?
We love hosting this festival at Kasteel de Berckt. The garden, facilities, and cooperation with the owners make this the ideal location.

Kasteel De Berckt
De Berckt 1, 5991 PD
Baarlo, The Netherlands

By air: Eindhoven Airport is the closest. From there go further by train.
By train: take the train to NS Station Venlo + from here the bus (14min) to Baarlo, De Berckt. From the bus station it is a 7 minute walk

Carpool options: the Facebook event is the ideal place to offer/find a ride!
Let’s help each other and Pacha Mama out and share your rides here.

At the Festival itself there will be blackboard offering rides for your way back home.

Want to join our crew this summer?

We love the creation process, setting up the space, connecting as a crew and working together on facilitating the Festival. We work in various  teams, such as: builders, decoration, kitchen, bar, cleaning, hospitality. 

Do you feel the call to make this
Festival season the BEST EVER?! 

Sign up and we’ll contact you asap
regarding your options…

Do you want to become an ARTIST or CONTRIBUTOR at our gatherings?

We are always looking for beautiful artists, exciting workshops and blissful healers for our gatherings!

If you are interested in sharing your gifts and talents with us and our cherished tribe …
sign up and tell us more about yourself and what you would like to express and contribute!

Let’s make our gatherings unforgettable!


July 12
July 17


Ecstatic Dance Festival


Kasteel de Berckt
De Berckt 1
Baarlo, 5991 PD Netherlands
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